This summer, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson published the findings of his “F.A.C.T.S.” task force, focusing on the mythical problem of leftist indoctrination in public schools. It was, in short, total caca. Nary a fact to be found, but a whole lot of paranoid parents worried their child was learning about (gasp) controversial topics like the nation’s well-documented history of racism. 

Based off of unsubstantiated ramblings, the report was utterly devoid of anything true or helpful. 

So this week, leftist lobbying organization Progress North Carolina Action launched True Reporting of Underfunding Education (T.R.U.E.), a portal where teachers, parents, and students can levy complaints about inadequate investment in the school system.

It’s no secret the Republican-ruled legislature has underfunded education for years. But the real impact of that, aside from the testimonials we hear yearly at the Teacher’s March, is mostly overlooked. 

“The purpose of the T.R.U.E. portal is to shine a light on the real impact of chronic neglect and underfunding of North Carolina schools,” said Justin Parmenter, a teacher in  Mecklenburg County. “North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing states in the country and we have an opportunity to address real, critical issues such as teacher and bus driver shortages along with outdated and crumbling infrastructure that many of our schools in North Carolina face. Our children deserve a quality education.”    

It’s unclear if Progress NC Action’s portal will yield more factual data than Robinson’s, but at least it’s looking for a real problem instead of the myth of liberal indoctrination in schools. 

To access the portal, visit the website. 

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