109 N. Gregson St., Durham

“Unique, healthful cuisine in an eclectic atmosphere”

Mary Bacon is truly a veteran in the restaurant industry. For thirty years, the culinary talent, sense of style & integrity that she’s applied to her restaurants has enriched both Durham and Chapel Hill.

Mary’s desire to provide people with a place to gather and delight in healthy, wonderful food spawned three Triangle favorites: Somethyme, (the beloved predecessor of Pyewacket in Chapel Hill), and Anotherthyme in Durham.

In 1982, Mary chose a quaint, older building in the tobacco warehouse district of Durham to bring Anotherthyme to life, not knowing that one day that area would grow into the major retail center of Brightleaf Square.

Anotherthyme’s uniqueness stems from Mary’s philosophy on rethinking seafood and vegetarian dishes. She views them not as being secondary to “meat and potatoes”, rather, she’s spent years developing foods that are full of flavor without being dependent on beef and chicken stock, heavy cream sauces or animal fats. Anotherthyme has expanded the menu in recent years to include free-range chicken, beef and pork, but the emphasis remains on freshness, flavor and value.

The core menu offers a broad selection of items. There are special changes every two to three weeks and include ten to twelve additional appetizers and entrees. The restaurant has an extensive wine list, over 75 selections, and assures anyone with a taste for wine can find one to suit the palate. The staff is well informed and more than happy to assist patrons with selections weather it be a particular course or wine to compliment the food they’ve ordered. The restaurant is also available for special events and can accommodate up to 30 people in a semi-private room.

Anotherthyme offers dinner seven days a week. Sunday-Thursday, 5:30-10pm, Friday-Saturday, 5:30-11pm. Come on in and get the Anotherthyme experience!