304 W. Weaver St.
Suite 103

“Your body was meant to move.”

Step inside Balanced Movement Studio, and you feel strengthened – supported – motivated. Warm soothing colors, a welcoming cup of tea, cheerful energizing music, and a “studio dog” greet you. Owner Elizabeth Towe or another trainer introduces you to staff members and to the studio’s resources. Your personal health, wellness and lifestyle goals come into focus, and you know that there is time: Personal training here will keep you on target.

Balanced Movement Studio supplies guidance, education and accountability, encouraging the discipline you need to meet your goals. Meet with a personal trainer several times a week or, after setting up your program, as infrequently as every six weeks. You may be a student working on team sports skills or seeking a scholarship; a busy professional or a mom trying to create time to improve your health and fitness and reduce stress; someone managing a diagnosis of diabetes, fibromyalgia, MS, high blood pressure, or obesity; a physical therapy patient transitioning safely back to regular exercise; or a senior improving balance and stability for daily activity. To help participants find the movement, the studio offers a variety of classes: the Brazilian martial art capoeira, yoga (even one class tailored to children ages 5-11), Pilates, qigong, taiji, Feldenkrais, meditation and hooping.

Balanced Physical Therapy, founded by Towe’s husband/business partner, Brian Beatty, has shared the Carrboro space, more than 5,000 square feet of spacious studios and serene massage and therapy rooms, since 2003. His seven physical therapists and Towe’s five personal trainers boast nearly 130 cumulative years of professional experience. Towe is dedicated to community and education. She and Beatty blend personal attention, comfortable and inviting surroundings and commitment to each client’s success as only such an owner-operated studio and physical therapy practice can. They invite you to “build a fitness relationship” with them.