I came across my dog’s first rabies vaccination certificate the other day, and I showed it to my husband.

The shot was administered by a very nice and attractive veterinarian. At the time, he was married, and I was functionally married, so I didn’t think anything other than that our dog would have a nice and attractive veterinarian. Three and a half years later, he was not married, and I was not married (functionally or otherwise), though I was dating someone who had decided to take a long-term job out of the country. He (the vet) and I started a friendly email banter, and eventually we agreed to go to a Carolina hoops game together.

That night, though he was on antibiotics for a stomach infection, we went to the game, to a friend’s Brazilian-rum themed party (he abstained), and finally to the Speakeasy in Carrboro, where he told me that I could date the other guy, or I could date him, or I could date both of them – he just wanted to spend time with me, and I could tell that he meant it. I stopped dating the other guy that night. That was Dec 30, 2009.

On Dec 31, 2010, we were married. He’s still a very nice and attractive veterinarian, only much, much, much nicer and more attractive than I had imagined several years ago. Caroline Green and Erik Dorsch Carrboro