Some people never learn. It turns out the guy who owns Raleigh Rickshaw is apparently one of them.

Last Thursday, as the INDY previously reported, Don Mertrud posted an offer on Facebook for free advertising to any bar or restaurant that defied Wake County’s stay-at-home order and reopened this week. (He didn’t seem to understand that doing so would be illegal and the restaurant or bar would be shut down.) After he was roundly mocked on Facebook, Mertrud deleted the post and declined to talk about it. 

Today, for reasons unknown, Mertrud came back for more.  

“Are you done being a victim? Not if you are under 30. Will they extend it? Probably. Where is their recovery plan? Yeah right. Will reporters write a story about it? Doubtful. Are we still giving away advertising? You will see.”

This post, too, was roundly mocked and soon deleted. (Ironically, the post included the hashtag #hatefullcommentsaredeleted.)

Aside from a healthy dose of GIFs, commenters were quick to point out that Governor Cooper’s statewide stay-at-home order is in place until April 30, no matter what Wake County does. Others were just there for a good roast.

“Dude, you should check your temperature, I think you are having a fever dream,” Facebook user Andy Little commented. “Things aren’t opening up anytime soon. We prefer not to die, thanks.”

“Do you have a grandchild who can lock your phone for you?” added Nelson Betancourt. 

Raleigh Rickshaw also gave the INDY a super-nice shoutout. “How is Indy week begging for money on their website When they make millions of $$$$$ in advertising. And tens of thousands from the city of Raleigh through its non-profits?”

INDY publisher Susan Harper could not be reached for comment, as she was busy lighting hundred-dollar bills on fire.  

After Mertrud deleted this latest post, commenters went to his post apologizing for the prior deleted post to continue the mockery. Then Mertrud deleted that post. We would have reached out to Mertrud for comment, but he responded to our last attempt to do so by blocking our reporter on Facebook.

Anyway, Mertrud is an idiot, we are definitely not rich; in fact, COVID-19 has sent local journalism into crisis. So if you can, join the INDY Press Club so we can continue to tell crucial local stories during an international pandemic and dunk on local dipshits when they deserve it.

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  1. “NDY publisher Susan Harper could not be reached for comment, as she was busy lighting hundred-dollar bills on fire.” Loved it. I first though Thomasi might have written it…..but he woulda put she was using the money too lite up some good weed.

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