The Wake County branch of the N.C. Association of Educators—an advocacy organization for public school teachers and staff—released its endorsements for the midterm elections last week, including picks for Wake County school board. (See our report on the fundraising efforts of candidates running for the Wake school board from this week).

The Wake County NCAE has historically endorsed liberal candidates who support increases in pay for teachers and staff, including bus drivers and cafeteria workers. The organization supports fully funding the Leandro plan, an eight-year, $5.6 billion plan to improve education for children in low-wealth districts.

Priorities of the NCAE also include tying teacher pay to experience rather than test scores, investing in school counselors and school construction, and increasing support for teachers-in-training. 

Unsurprisingly, the Wake County NCAE is supporting every incumbent running for re-election to the school board this year, as well as candidates outgoing incumbents have endorsed. The organization’s endorsements are in line with those of the Wake County Democratic Party.

Here’s the full list: 

Wake County School Board

District 1 –  Ben Clapsaddle

District 2 – Monika Johnson Hostler (inc)

District 3 – Doug Hammack

District 4 – Tara Waters (inc)

District 5 – Lynn Edmonds

District 6 – Sam Hershey

District 7 – Chris Heagarty (inc)

District 8 – Lindsay Mahaffey (inc)

District 9 – Tyler Swanson

Wake County Board of Commissioners

District 1 – Don Mial

District 2 – Matt Calabria (inc)

District 3 – Cheryl Stallings

District 7 – Vickie Adamson (inc)

North Carolina House of Representatives

District 11 – Allison Dahle (inc)

District 21 – Ya Liu

District 33 – Rosa Gill (inc)

District 34 – The Wake County NCAE is awaiting a vote on their pick from the statewide organizations.

District 35 – Terence Everitt (inc)

District 36 – Julie Von Haefen (inc)

District 37 – Christine Kelly

District 38 – Abe Jones (inc)

District 39 – James Roberson (inc)

District 40 – Joe John (inc) 

District 41 – Maria Cervania

District 49 – Cynthia Ball (inc)

District 66 – Sarah Crawford

NC Senate

District 13 – Lisa Grafstein

District 14 – Dan Blue (inc)

District 15 – Jay Chaudhuri (inc)

District 16 – Gale Adcock

District 17 – Sydney Batch

District 18—Mary Wills Bode

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