Durham County

NC Senate District 20 

Alvin Reed

Others in the race: Natalie Murdock

NC Senate District 22

Larry Coleman

Mike Woodard

Others in the race: Raymond Ubinger  

NC House District 2

Ray Jeffers

Others in the race: Gavin Bell, Larry Yarborough  

NC House District 29

Vernetta Alston  

NC House District 30: 

Guy Meilleur

Others in the race: Marcia Morey, William Antico

NC House District 31

Sean Haugh

Others in the race: Zack Hawkins  

Durham County Sheriff

Clarence Birkhead

Maria Jocys

Durham Soil and Water District Supervisor

Candidates: Lee Harris and Mark Waller

NC District Court 14, Seat 1

Dave Hall

NC District Court 14, Seat 2

Candidates: Doretta Walker

NC District Court 14, Seat 3

Kevin Jones

NC District Court 14, Seat 4

Candidates: Dorothy Mitchell 

NC District Court 14, Seat 5

Candidates: Clayton Jones

NC District Court 14, Seat 6

Amanda Maris

District Attorney

Satana Deberry

Durham Clerk of Court

Aminah Thompson

Wake County

NC Senate District 13

Lisa Grafstein 

Others in the race: Michael C. Munger, David Bankert 

NC Senate District 14

Candidates: Dan Blue, Matthew Laszacs, Chris Baker 

NC Senate District 15

Jay J. Chaudhuri 

Others in the race: Sammie Brooks, Emanuela Prister 

NC Senate District 16

Gale Adcock 

James Powers 

Michael Trudeau

Dee Watson 

NC Senate District 17

Sydney Batch 

Others in the race: Patrick J. Bowersox, Mark Cavaliero 

NC Senate District 18

Mary Wills Bode

Ryan Brown 

Others in the race: E.C. Sykes 

NC House District 11

Allison Dahle 

NC House District 21

Gerard Falzon

Ya Liu 

Others in the race: Joshua Morris 

NC House District 33

Candidates: Rosa Gill, Chris Costello, Stephanie Dingee 

NC House District 34

Timothy Longest

Others in the race: Kat McDonald, Ashley Seshul 

NC House District 35

Others in the race: Terence Everitt, Joseph Serio, Fred Von Canon 

NC House District 36

Julie von Haefen 

Others in the race: Kyle Ward, John Harris 

NC House District 37

Christine Kelly 

Others in the race: Erin Pare, Christopher Robinson

NC House District 38

Candidates: Abe Jones, Christopher Mizelle 

NC House District 39

Candidates: James A. Roberson, Greg Jones 

NC House District 40

Joe John 

Others in the race: Michael Nelson, Marilyn Avila 

NC House District 41

Maria Cervania 

Others in the race: Kevin Terrett, Bruce K. Forster 

NC House District 49

Cynthia Ball 

Others in the race: Michael Oakes, David Robertson 

NC House District 66

Sarah Crawford 

Others in the race: Micao Penaflor, Ives Brizuela de Sholar 

Raleigh Mayor

Mary-Ann Baldwin

Terrance Ruth

Others in the race: DaQuanta Copeland

Raleigh Council, At-Large

Anne Franklin

Jonathan Melton

Josh Bradley

Stormie Forte

Others in the race: James Bledsoe, John Odom, Portia Rochelle

Raleigh Council, District A

Mary Black-Branch

Cat Lawson

Whitney Hill

Raleigh Council, District B

Minu Lee

Megan Patton

Frank Pierce

Others in the race: Jakob Lorberblatt

Raleigh Council, District C

Corey Branch

Frank Fields

Others in the race: Wanda Hunter

Raleigh Council, District D

Robert Baumgart

Jane Harrison

Jenn Truman

Todd Kennedy

Raleigh Council, District E

David Knight 

Christina Jones

Board of Commissioners, Seat 1

Donald Mial

Others in the race: Chanel N. Harris 

Board of Commissioners, Seat  2

Matt Calabria 

Others in the race: Mark McMains 

Board of Commissioners, Seat 3

Cheryl Stallings 

Others in the race: Irina Comer 

Board of Commissioners, Seat 7

Candidates: Vickie Adamson 

Wake County Sheriff

Candidates: Willie Rowe, Donnie Harrison 

Clerk of Superior Court

Candidates: Blair Williams 

District Attorney

Lorrin Freeman 

Others in the race: Jeff Dobson 

Board of Education, District 1

Ben Clapsaddle

Others in the race: Cheryl Caulfield

Board of Education, District 2

Monika Johnson-Hostler

Others in the race: Dorian Hamilton, Monica Ruiz

Board of Education, District 3

Doug Hammack

Others in the race: Brooks Lowe, Wing Ng

Board of Education, District 4

Michael T. Williams

Others in the race: Daniel Grant-King, Becky Lew-Hobbs, Tara Waters

Board of Education, District 5

Lynn Edmonds

Others in the race: Dawn Townsend, Ross Beamon, Jackie Boegel

Board of Education, District 6

Sam Hershey

Dajma Livingston

Others in the race: Mary-Lewis Freeman, Patrice Nealon, Chad Stall

Board of Education, District 7

Chris Heagarty

Others in the race: Katie Long, Jacob Arthur

Board of Education, District 8

Lindsay Mahaffey

Others in the race: Steven Bergstrom

Board of Education, District 9

Tyler Swanson

Others in the race: Tara Ann Cartwright, Michele Morrow

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor 

Beth Pugh Farrell

Jenna Wadsworth

Stephen E. Xavier

Alex Baldwin

Others in the race: Brian K. Lewis

Note: Candidates in Wake’s superior court and district court races have not returned questionnaires

Orange County 

NC Senate District 23

Graig Meyer

Others in the race: Landon Woods

NC House District 50

Renee Price

Others in the race: Charles Lopez  

NC House District 56

Allen Buansi

District Attorney

Jeff Nieman

Orange County Sheriff

Candidates: Charles Blackwood

Board of Commissioners, At-Large

Candidates: Sally Greene

Board of Commissioners, District 1

Candidates: Jamezetta Bedford

Board of Commissioners, District 1 (unexpired term)

Candidates: Anna Richards

Board of Commissioners, District 2

Candidates: Earl McKee

NC Superior Court 15B, Seat 1

Alyson Grine

NC Superior Court 15B, Seat 2

Candidates: Allen Baddour  

Clerk of Superior Court

Candidates: Mark Kleinschmidt

Soil and Water District Supervisor 

Candidates: W. Chris Hogan and Richal Vanhook

Register of Deeds

Mark Chilton

Congressional and State Judicial Races

U.S. Senate

Matthew Hoh

Others in the race: Cheri Beasley, Ted Budd, Shannon Bray

US House 2

Deborah Ross

Others in the race: Christine Villaverde

US House 4

Courtney Geels

Valerie Foushee

US House 13

Wiley Nickel 

Others in the race: Bo Hines 

Supreme Court Justice Seat 3

Lucy Inman

Richard Dietz   

Supreme Court Justice Seat 5

Sam J. Ervin IV

Trey Allen   

NC Court of Appeals 8

Carolyn Thompson  

Julee Flood

NC Court of Appeals 9

Donna Stroud

Brad Salmon

NC Court of Appeals 10

Gale Murray Adams

John Tyson 

NC Court of Appeals 11

Darren Jackson

Others in the race: Michael Stading

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